The Oceans of Time (2010), written and performed by Håkan Tendell

The Oceans of Time

I’m nothing but a wave

in the oceans of time.

I am weak, I am brave

and I fall and I climb.

This message I send

while my heart still can pour:

Our waves will not end

when they once reach the shore.

* * * * *

Slaves of the World (2007), written and performed by Håkan Tendell

Slaves of the World

Slaves of the World,

hear my call.
When the time has come,
I will free you all.

Those of you who captured are
in cellars cold and dark,
I will heal your deepest scar
and light your inner spark.

Those of you who often feel
that you need to hide,
I will bring my swords of steel
and stand there by your side.

Those of you who seldom find
a place where you belong,
I will help you ease your mind
and sing a little song.

All you people everywhere,
break your chains and rise.
Another world awaits out there,
Earth is Paradise.

* * * * *


Love me like you never loved before (2007), written and performed by Håkan Tendell

Love me like you never loved before

The presence of you
keeps me up in the night.
I don’t know what to do
when you’re out of my sight.

My life is a bore.
I long for your touch.
I can tell you for sure
that I want you so much.

Love me like you
never loved before.

Come with me.
It’s easy to see
that we both need that thing
like a bird with one wing.

We could fly
and time would pass by.
As we reach for the shore,
I will want you much more.

Love me like you
never loved before.

Skin on skin,
the fire within,
your body is mine,
your look is divine.

The night is still young,
with your name on my tongue,
though nothing me harms,
I will die in your arms.

Love me like you
never loved before.

* * * * *


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