Bowie. What was he?

januari 11, 2016 kl. 11:47 e m | Publicerat i Okategoriserade | 3 kommentarer

David Bowie - Loving The Alien - Single May 1985

A vinyl single from May 1985: Loving The Alien

A human being has the possibility to invent itself. To choose a path. Then change that path. Again. And again. And again. To let creativity flourish. To experiment with sound and vision. To soak up the new everywhere and mould it and present it in a different way. To enlighten and confuse.

What can be said of his art?

His voice: Unique.

His song texts: Often fascinating.

His melodies: Intelligent spacepoprocksoulfunksynthjazzgoth.

His dance moves: Nice.

His outfits: An ordinary office worker’s wardrobe plus a lot of pretty wild stuff.

His videos: Arty.

His movie appearances: Ok. But his few seconds in Zoolander was epic.

His concerts: High class. (When I saw him at Ullevi in Gothenburg 1983, Eriksberg in Gothenburg 1987, Stadion in Stockholm 1990 and Scandinavium in Gothenburg 1996.)

His best albums: 1/ The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972), Aladdin Sane (1973), Diamond Dogs (1974), Low (1977), Scary Monsters (1980), Outside (1995).

His cultural influence on the World: Perhaps even larger than we might understand right now.


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  1. excellently well put!
    however, I would rather say ”What is he?” instead of ”What was he?”. For me he shall always remain alive!

    This is what I myself wrote on my Facebook on January 11:

    – – –
    ashes to ashes
    funk to funky

    I hope they will funeralize Major Tom in outer space?!
    He was always the 1st with everything, so couldn’t he be the 1st to be eternally buried/canned up there in an odd spacecraft across the Universe?!?
    I really like the idea of having him floating up there somewhere forever… and ever… perpetually. I do not want to be without him, although I know I need to let go.

    I’m hitting an all-time low

    – – –

  2. Yes! I really like that. He is around out there. To eternity. In a spacecraft that can’t be seen with a telescope, but you can feel his presence anyway. The presence of the blackstar.

  3. Dog toys

    Bowie. What was he? | Håkan Tendell. Författare.


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