Sense of doubt

april 3, 2015 kl. 1:08 f m | Publicerat i Okategoriserade | Lämna en kommentar

sense of doubt

Why is this?

Billions of bodies.

Collections of stardust.

Women. Planets. Oceans.

Pumas and jaguars in a forest.

A bucket of raspberries on an iceberg.

Is it true?

Is it false?

Can we tell

if our world is a 3D hologram

at the event horizon

of a black hole

in a 4D universe?

Writing a novel

is like creating a universe.

Could it be

that I am living in a novel?

Who is the author of my struggle?

Who decides what will happen next?

Will my life have a Hollywood end

or am I just a character who was involved

in a couple of interesting scenes

but now fumbles in the dark

waiting for further instructions

that will never be given?


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