Freedom Man

december 14, 2014 kl. 2:12 f m | Publicerat i Okategoriserade | Lämna en kommentar

I could put on my boots. A coat. And start walking.

Some day.

Some night.

For instance, right now.

Down south.

Out of the city.

Through the woods.

Along the sandy beaches.

Go down on my knees. Grab sand. See it fall.

Get up. Move on.

Over the hill.

Across the fields.

Over the bridges.

Down the continent.

Have some pork and beer.

Continue through a train tunnel.

Under the snow-covered mountains.

Smell the iron in the dark.

See the light.

Stay low.

With the wind in my hair.

The sound of great thunder.

The vibrating ground.

Get out.

Take a walk in the countryside.

Have a seat. Taste ham and cheese and bread and wine.

Watch women having their time.

Making out.

Get up and head further on south.

Under a volcano clouded sky.

Take off my boots.

Stand in salt water.

How refreshing.

Unbutton my shirt.

Displaying my chest for the Heavens.

Let them hear the beating of my heart.

See the glow in my eyes.

And keep walking.



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