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A dollar a chapter

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Gothenburg 12 October 2014

Gothenburg, Sweden. Sunshine in the afternoon.

When writing a novel, one must consider the effect of poorly written chapters.

How many chapters like that should a novel have?

Should there be any at all?

I have spent different amounts of time perfecting my chapters.

And I must admit that regarding some chapters, perfecting is a word way too strong.

That’s what it’s all about for the moment, I guess.

I have written a novel.

But it’s not a masterpiece.

I must work harder to get it all right.

Every chapter must be so good that I could sell random chapters of my book knowing that each and every one of them would please a costumer.

Suppose I stood in a street corner and said, Hey, champ, you wanna buy some chapters?

I dunno, dude. Are they any good?

The best this side of the city.

How much?

A dollar a chapter.

A dollar …

C’mon, man. You ain’t foolin’ anyone. You’re a bookworm. To the bone. I smelled it before you even crossed the street. You need chapters and you need ‘em now. You see that gal over there? A lot of dames are hot for latin lovers, but she ain’t. Uh-uh. She wants the silent type. The guy who reads quality literature. If she watches you walk into that diner, grab a bite to eat, put a brewski to your lips and start reading a bunch of what I got here, she will practically come crawling on her knees to-

Ok, ok, enough! Here’s twenty.

Thank you, Sir. And here are fifteen … nineteen, twenty chapters for you. Real good stuff. I have written it myself. Have fun!







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