The psychedelic explosion 1966

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Dear Sirs & Madams,

My latest research shows that something extraordinary happened in 1966 that cannot be explained by the laws of physics known to man. By studying album covers, I have found that during that particular year, a great force must have interfered with humanity. In 1965, album covers mostly displayed nice photographs of fine young gentlemen, many of them dressed in their best sunday suits. In 1966 that reality evolved into something else. What on Earth did initiate such a dramatic change?

Yours faithfully

Håkan Tendell

1965. The last year of the pre-psychedelic period:

1965 Yardbirds 1965 Stones

1965 Kinks 1965 Who

1966. The psychedelic explosion:

1966 Beatles 1966 Byrds

1966 Who 1966 Kinks

1967. The intensified effect:

1967 Stones x 1967 Yardbirds

1967 Beatles 1967 Stones

1967 Cream 1967 Hendrix

1968 – 1969. The prolonged impact:

1968 Cream 1968 Grateful Dead

1968 Pink Floyd 1968 Jefferson Airplane

1969 Beatles 1969 Stones

1969 Grateful Dead x


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