Earth might not be a planet

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Gothia Towers 3 February 2014 c

Gothenburg. City or neuron?

What if Earth is not a planet?

When it’s dark a human might see clearer.

What is a human?

Two hundred thousand years ago we were activated.

Slow. In the beginning.

Then faster. Faster. And faster.

The last two hundred years we have built and built.

Railroads. Bridges. Tunnels. Airports.

Telegraph lines. Telephone lines. Radio masts. TV masts. Satellites.

The last twenty years.

The World Wide Web.

The last two years.

Smart phones. Drones. Self-driving cars.

Cargo travel fast. Humans travel fast. Information spreads around the world in seconds.

Science used to be a small river in the desert of myth.

Science has now become the Victoria Falls.

Knowledge is growing bigger and faster.

No single human can even learn everything that is known in one narrow field like astrophysics, genetics or nanorobotics.

What is Earth and what is a human?

The Earth is a brain. Its crust its cerebral cortex.

Cities are neurons. Packed with professors, students and bar counter philosophers.

Cities are gigantic melting pots of thoughts, opinions and discussions.

From high up in the night sky you can look down and see the neurons connected to each other, and along the thin connections there are metal carriages containing one or up to hundreds of humans travelling back and forth between neurons. Gathering information. Spreading information. These connections still seem to be vital to the brain given the fact that nowadays all humans could have stayed in locked positions and just communicated with phone, Skype, mail, Facebook, Twitter et cetera. But no, they want to move around as they were programmed to do two hundred thousand years ago. They like to move around. And they like to fuck. Yes. That is good for the brain, because the bigger a neuron grows the smarter it gets and with more and more information packages travelling between neurons the neural network as a whole gets even smarter.

But why did all of this happen?

Why were we activated?

The answer is evolution.

In space it is all about the survival of the fittest.

Those space brains that don’t evolve will sooner or later be squashed by a gigantic comet or sucked into a black hole or just die together with its dying star.

Those who evolve can start defending themselves from outer threats or even move around in space as they please.

Earth is not there yet, but is working on it.

If the big one is heading towards us out there in the dark there is nothing Earth can do. Just take the punch and say goodbye. But perhaps in fifty years Earth can defend itself by taking control of the comet and steer it away or just turn it to dust with laser cannons. Yeah! Earth rules!

And when our nearest star dies in a couple of billions of years, perhaps Earth can find a new star to orbit for warmth and light.

So all of you information packages, you know what to do now, right?

Yeah … spread the information. Fast.

The brain. Be a part of it.

And don’t forget to have fun. Make love. Not war.

The future of Earth depends on you.


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