Håkan Tendell will return

november 10, 2012 kl. 2:34 f m | Publicerat i Okategoriserade | Lämna en kommentar

I’m with you in Cyberland

where all has been said

in so many ways

Once again I must travel through space

and space must travel through me

through the red, brown, yellow bricks of Gothenburg

who touched the skin of trembling hands

through the blue and white trams from here to there

who carried all the suits and the factory workers

through asphalt covered with oil and broken dreams

who shone on glittering shoes worn by women without names

through the valleys of rain and long, wet hair

I’m out in the street

with all my senses

with all the traffic lights of my heart

with all the memories of rockstars

half naked on stage

glamorous transvestites in bars

smiling salesmen, smiling politicians, smoking hookers

and the beggars downtown

saying Hail Mary full of grace

on their knees

I see the upcoming events

a tank platoon crossing a frozen lake

a librarian riding a black panther

fifty thousand people marching towards a mountain

a super volcano getting ready to burst


Frankfurt down

burning motorcyclists falling from the sky

a new world order

robots in silver uniforms

fighter pilots in Victoria’s secret

a trombonist with gloves of gold

mine workers on the moon of Titan abducted by aliens

subway trains running under the floor of the Atlantic

moviestars charging a billion dollars per minute

nuclear fireworks over the Namib desert

blue bananas, pink oranges

apples the size of melons

melons the size of Jupiter

hotel guests taking showers

drinking varm champagne

leaning their heads against soft pillows

falling asleep

with the television set

showing forecasts of tomorrow




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