Life is a mystery

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The force of the Moon.

Pulls oceans closer to the sky.

Pulls my body to the window.

Who can resist its force?

There is nothing like the Moon.

For hundreds and thousands of years it has made men and women fall in love.

With space and with each other.

The stars are a pleasure to the eyes.

So is the Moon, but the Moon also grabs your heart and invades your mind.

It is there. It is within your reach. Do you want to touch the creation? Then do it!

Feel it in your hand.

The Moon is yours.

I have kissed many a woman, felt their bodies next to mine.

I have been blessed by the creation.

But I have never walked the Moon.

When I loved women, I could give my life for them.

Now, when I no longer care, or if it perhaps is they that no longer care.


Who cares?

Soldiers are dying every day.

Howcome I am still alive?

After all these years.

Living on Planet Earth.

In the asphalt jungle.


A message.

For female readers.

I am not someone you either should or could keep. My mind is too lost. My soul is too empty.

Now, I would die for a journey to the Moon.

From the very beginning, I always wanted to go there.

It is my second home.

How about you?

I’m imaging myself up there.

Taking of my boots.

Walking barefoot in the Moon’s grey sand.

Taking of my helmet.

Breathing the cool, clear atmosphere.

Watching Earth from a distance.

Hiding on the dark side of the Moon.

Feeling free.

Open a bottle of beer.

Listen to the radio.

Hear a woman sing.

Life is a mystery.

a poem by Håkan Tendell

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