The Oceans of Time

oktober 20, 2010 kl. 9:30 e m | Publicerat i Skrivande | Lämna en kommentar

This is the first recording of a poem of mine, at least the first performed by myself.

Feel free to perform it and record it yourself. I would be delighted to hear the voice of someone else.

You’ll find the lyrics here.

You can display your video link in a comment.

If you are a devoted fan, you may send me a perfumed letter the old-fashioned way. That’s ok too, you know.

Being who I am, I may seem hard to please, but the scent of a woman and her deep feelings written down in a long letter does the trick most of the time.

I love my fans, and I’m deeply aware of that if it hadn’t been for you, I would be nothing.


Håkan Tendell



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