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is always around

always inside

the mind

and the flesh

and they love

stars in lakes

make love

they breathe

the cold

of the night

the dance

of the tongues

the warmth

of the beach

as it rests

beneath their feet

silver waves

shapes of lust

when morning

takes the night

from behind

on the beach

by a lake

under stars

you travel

faster than light

in your mind

and you like

to watch

people dance

they are stars

for a couple

of hours

I remember

so many stars

in space

and I guess

I was there

for a while

I was an astronaut

back in the days

but now


I’ve got a problem

Show me a planet

I’ve never seen

Tell me

if there’s

a world

where I will care

for a dance

Take me

to a land


silver waves

are in their eyes

Flashing lights

make me land

on Planet Earth



a poem by Håkan Tendell



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