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Man can evolve


Are there limitations for how much a single persons knowledge, awareness and wisdom can expand in a lifetime?

Most people know the common definition of evolution whether or not they actually believe in the theory: the survival of the fittest, not necessarily the strongest.

Now, let us leave the common definition and talk about the evolution of thought within a human being. Is there such a thing?

We live, we learn: life is a laboratory in which we continuously expose ourselves to trial and error. Sometimes there are a lot of errors, and sometimes we learn, but later forget and face error again. Still, over the years we can see that we get new perspectives on who we are and the world we live in and how we should manage to get along. Some may call it development. I call it the evolution of thought within.

It’s the survival of the fittest thoughts. That doesn’t mean that the older a person gets, the closer he or she always gets to the ultimate truth or the highest morality or the purest love. What it does mean is that the person often gets closer to what suits him or her best, depending on his or her needs and the environment and society in which the person’s time is spent. You could say it’s all about finding a role and some life principles that lead to harmony and joy for that person. In the worst case it could result in a dictator who lustfully surrounds himself or herself with a nation of slaves. In many cases it could hopefully result in nations of wealth and welfare with shiny, happy people holding hands.

So, if a person wants to speed up the ride to harmony, how can it be done?

I want to be honest with you, and therefore I must say that I’m not sure I have the answers for everyone.

How can I tell you what you should do to find harmony in your life? I cannot tell. I cannot know what will work for you, but I can tell you what worked for me.

Studies of history, studies of philosophy and writing poems.

That’s what worked for me.

I can say that it worked because for a long time I’ve felt a lot more harmony than disharmony. Total peace of mind is not my goal, though. I like to have laughter and excitement in my life. Being lonely drowning in profound thoughts is one of my favourite activities, and dancing with women is another.

Those were the words of

Håkan Tendell



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