Slaves of the World

oktober 10, 2009 kl. 6:00 e m | Publicerat i Skrivande | Lämna en kommentar

Slottsskogen 1

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Slaves of the World,

hear my call.
When the time has come,
I will free you all.

Those of you who captured are
in cellars cold and dark,
I will heal your deepest scar
and light your inner spark.

Those of you who often feel
that you need to hide,
I will bring my swords of steel
and stand there by your side.

Those of you who seldom find
a place where you belong,
I will help you ease your mind
and sing a little song.

All you people everywhere,
break your chains and rise.
Another world awaits out there,
Earth is Paradise.


a poem by Håkan Tendell


Slottsskogen 6

Slottsskogen 7

Slottsskogen 8

Slottsskogen 9

Slottsskogen 10

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