I’m waiting for the night to fall: Tuesday night: Depeche Mode, Scandinavium, Gothenburg City

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When I some years ago read that book by Steve Malins: Depeche Mode Black Celebration, I realized I hadn’t had a clue before of what this band was about. I was a guy who bought the records and went to the concerts. Yet, I knew nothing. You think you know a lot, but if you don’t read the inside story you don’t know nuthin’.

Thanks to the Internet I can find the exact dates when I went to the concerts. It’s amazing. Everyday, the brain of mankind expands beyond the horizon. There used to be a time when information was passed on mostly by the work of monks. Maybe I am a monk too. I sit here and write about what once happened in the world and what I think will happen or what I want to happen. Sometimes I just write poetry. And I take pictures, photographic pictures, and I show them to you. And you might wonder: Who is this guy? What are his beliefs? Is Håkan Tendell a coming star or a fallen angel? We may never know. All we need to know right now is the dates when Håkan Tendell attended Depeche Mode concerts. Just give them to us. Please. It’s very important for us to know.


25 April 1986, Scandinavium, Gothenburg

13 February 1988, Scandinavium, Gothenburg

5 October 1990, Scandinavium, Gothenburg

28 May 1993, Scandinavium, Gothenburg

21 September 2001, Globen, Stockholm

26 February 2006, Scandinavium, Gothenburg

7 July 2006, Stadion, Stockholm

And now: Here they are: On Tuesday night,

26 January 2010.

D E P E C H E   M O D E


And warming up the crowd, just like in 1988: Nitzer Ebb


What a night it will be!

I’m already there.

In my mind.

The brain of mankind, the Internet, is truly amazing, but our individual brains are fantastic too. We can travel through time and space without even closing our eyes.

This is no news to you. To me neither. But sometimes we must remind ourselves how extraordinary we are. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar system. If Jupiter was a hollow sphere it could swallow hundreds of Earths. That’s how huge Jupiter is. Still, our brains are more amazing than Jupiter. And what about the Sun? The mighty Sun. What about it? It’s mighty, but how mighty? We all know that in five billion years, due to nuclear reactions, the Sun will grow and swallow the Earth in flames. The Sun rules by force. It keeps us and our entire planet as prisoners. Of course we are thankful for that. If Earth drifted away, the oceans would turn to ice, our blood would turn to ice, nothing would survive but some of our toughest machines, but batteries and power plants won’t last forever without human support, so the toughest machines would die too. Earth would become a gigantic bowling ball of iron, ice and death. But if an asteroid instead hit us so that our orbit moved a little bit closer to the Sun, our days would be over in, I don’t know in how many months, but our planet would circle around the Sun in smaller and smaller ellipses until touchdown. Long before touchdown everything on Earth would either melt or burn or boil.

The Sun is powerful, yet our brains are even more powerful. The Sun has no will. For thousands of years the Sun was probably seen as the mightiest god. People probably thought they were insignificant compared to the Sun. Earth is a slave to the Sun. People were, but are no longer. We people have recently mastered the craft of rocket construction. The Sun is a slave to our galaxy. We, on the other hand, are soon free to travel where we choose. Soon we can go to Mars. Later we can go to Alpha Centauri. Later we can go to Andromeda. It just requires a fast spaceship, a self-sustaining biosphere and a package of good books, movies and Depeche Mode albums.

How many persons minimum should there be on a rescue-mankind-mission-spaceship? That’s very interesting, because when calculations like that is made, the calculator often takes for granted that if you take fifty women and fifty men and put them on a spaceship they will automatically have sex, each and everyone. What if half of the women think the men are slobs and the other half are lesbians? Then there will not be much action, except for on deck 69 perhaps. This is very interesting and also a bit frightening. Even if we build a spaceship that theoretically can help mankind escape from the dying Earth and survive, we are not sure to survive because of the human factor. Or we will be sure to survive, because we learn from history that if you put a lot of women and men together on a ship or in a house there will sooner or later be a lot of action.

Which brings us to some sort of final here. This blog post has to end. It has exceeded its limits. Initially I felt that I should write about the untrue fact that poetry doesn’t sell, when it actually sells like I don’t know what, since songs on albums are nothing but poems with sounds added to them.

Ok. The final question:

The Earth is dying (that’s not a question, that’s a fact, put the blame on me if no one else can be accused for it) and there’s a rescue spaceship only big enough for you and ten celebrities. Which ten celebs do you choose to ride with on your journey to the safe haven?

What time is it anyway?

It’s late.

It’s Saturday night.

And time is running out.

For me.

For Earth.

For everything that once was.

Håkan Tendell

The laws of nature can’t be rewritten. Everything that happens is a reaction on atomic level of what happened the second before. The future is decided. What happens all the time is inevitable. There is no such thing as chaos or a free will. The activity in my neural network was planned in the Big Bang. Thirteen billion years ago the Universe knew what I would write right now. The Universe knows about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. No one can override the system. Does that mean we are slaves? Yes. But it won’t affect us very much. Our default setting is to believe that there is such a thing as a free will. Even when we by rational thought could think otherwise. We are irrational creatures. Just take a look around. Or look in the mirror. However, our irrationality is just a result of the mathematical plan.

Thirteen billion years ago it was decided that this blog post should end right here

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    I’m waiting for the night to fall: Tuesday night: Depeche Mode, Scandinavium, Gothenburg City | Världsrymden väntar

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    I’m waiting for the night to fall: Tuesday night: Depeche Mode, Scandinavium, Gothenburg City | Världsrymden väntar


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